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One wallet for all your needs

Create your Cashaa account to buy, exchange and earn interest.

Top up supported assets

Buy or transfer crypto and fiat to your Cashaa account.

Start earning instantly

You’re all set – no further action is needed! You’re now earning compounding interest on your deposits, paid out daily.

Best yields on our supported crypto & fiat

* The yields shown are for Diamond members including CAS bonus










Earn more & beat inflation

HOLD while earning inflation-beating yields

Earn fixed interest in any market condition

Put your idle assets to work with a fixed source of passive income.

Why wait! Start earning right away

Just top-up your Cashaa account and start earning up to 20% annual interest.


Calculate your yields

* Select a token, amount, membership tier and term to calculate your yields

Earn in Kind Earn in CAS


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Select your term

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Yield Income


Paid in equivalent amt. CAS

Optimized rewards p.a.


Reward paid at Maturity


Buy & sell cryptocurrency

Unlimited crypto liquidity with minimum price slippage.

Competitive rates at best prices.

Trade any amount of crypto and fiat at the best possible price in the market.

No hidden fees

We charge a flat fee of 1% on each transaction.

Crypto businesses have been underserved by banks. We have changed that.

Join the largest community of crypto businesses who are building incredible products for their customers using our payment and banking infrastructure.

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The CAS token

Powering the future of banking

The CAS token sits at the very center of the Cashaa ecosystem to unlock the full potential of Cashaa.

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token_staking Stake

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What is the USP of Cashaa compared to other exchanges?

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One account for everything crypto

At Cashaa, we provide you one account for buying & selling crypto w/ fiat, trading & swapping crypto, earning yield and soon borrowing against crypto- all within one licensed & regulated platform!

How does Cashaa generate such great yields for me?

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Self-sustainable business model

Cashaa generates predictable and safe yields through a risk-free and simple model of secured and sufficiently hedged institutional lending. No uncertainty of yield farming, token burning/minting, etc.

What is the utility of the CAS token?

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Powering the future of banking

Earn more with CAS

Earn up to 3% higher yield by opting for earning interest in CAS.

Pay less with CAS

Get up to 25% discount on exchange, withdrawal and other fees on Cashaa by holding more CAS.

Cashaa looks awesome! How do I get started?

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Great !

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