Crypto-friendly Business Wallet

Are you a crypto business? One wallet for all your Crypto Banking needs

    Transfer money globally

    No monthly fee

    Zero monthly fees, no hidden cost, pay as you go account.

    Multi-currency account

    Transaction in the three major currencies of USD And EUR in one account.

    US Current Account

    Unlimited payments

    Pay your employees, vendors and customers in Europe and US.

    Crypto trading

    Accept payments from your customers for crypto trading.

    Earn with Fixed deposits

    Earn industry-high fixed income of up to 24% on your fiat as well as crypto fixed deposits.

    Don’t be bound by location
    – Take full advantage of SEPA, ACH & SWIFT Payments

    Integrated AML & KYC

    Live with 5th european union anti-money laundering directive

    As there are constant changes in regulations, our team of experts stay informed of the latest compliance requirements for you. Furthermore, our fast KYC ensures that your business and clients comply with all major regulations globally in a way that doesn't put a strain on your day-to-day business.


    Institutional scale liquidity

    We provide 24/7/365 liquidity for cryptocurrencies in EUR and USD

    Focus on business

    We enable instant conversion of large volumes between currencies with minimal movement from the market price

    Get price locked

    We will lock the price for 15 sec so that you can confirm the deal with your customer before actually executing the order


    No surprises, no hidden fees, just fair and honest pricing.

    €1,250 or 25% Less if paid with CASApplication process fee
    €0.0/month Monthly fee
    €1,000.00 Refundable deposit
    EURO, USD Currency
    €250 Million / €250 Million Account limit
    LI with unique reference number IBAN type
    No Card issued
    Allowed Third party payments
    FPS, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, FED Unlimited transactions
    SEPA In/out (EURO)
    ACH In/out (USD)
    FED In/out (USD)
    SWIFT In/out (USD)
    Fees One time KYC fees for
    third party payments
    Check time
    €10.00 KYC/AML check fees (Personal)
    Instant (Non US individuals)
    €100.00 KYC/AML check fees (Corporate 1)
    24 hours ( EEA with non corporate shareholding)
    €200.00 KYC/AML check fees (Corporate 2)
    72 hours ( Outside EEA or EEA with corporate shareholding)
    Same as account limit Crypto exchange limit
    0.50% (25% Discount if paid in CAS) Min fees €25 per transaction Crypto Buy/Sell fee
    Free Crypto withdrawal
    Free Crypto Deposit
    Same fee as sending and receiving funds

    Refund fee when payment

    cannot be credited

    Penalty for failing to provide

    documentation by deadline

    * KYC/ AML check will be required for each person who will send or receive funds to/from the wallet.
    * Fair usage policy: Business wallet is for crypto companies and brokers who are dealing in cryptocurrencies and would be converting the deposited amount in crypto and vice versa for their customers and personal or corporate use.
    * The fees and limits are indicative and subject to change based on risk assessment

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    Saswat Das


    Why choose Cashaa for banking services?

    Based in the UK

    Cashaa is headquartered in London and partners with offices in 14 countries and expanding.

    Global leader

    Cashaa is the biggest crypto-friendly banking service provider powering the global crypto industry.

    Simple pricing

    Unlike others, we have made our pricing simple and clear. No unpleasant surprises later.

    Always for you

    You will have a dedicated relationship manager to take care of your incorporation.